Bed and Breakfast locations have become a new hot spot for travelers of all ages, however, with change comes compromise and we want you to know the full story of why hotels are often better than Airbnbs.

1. Convenient Location
Most times a Airbnb is located outside of the city center and travelers looking to save a few bucks don’t realize the low price point comes with a commute to the center of the city. Hotels, however are typically located in the city center near popular destinations, transportation hubs or restaurants and cafes.
2. Limited Food Options
If you have food allergies, intolerances, or a special diet, it can be hard to find a Airbnb that will keep you safe. Hotels, however, are prepared to offer opportunities and will have a variety of options to provide for eating through room service, hotel restaurants and local restaurants in the area.
3. Lacks Amenities and Privacy
At most hotels, amenities usually include a pool, gym, conference room, business center and other useful services that one can use regardless of the type of trip one’s taking.
Depending at the type of B&B that a traveler stays at, some locations will not include the option of having a private bathroom and instead, a shared restroom is offered. The layout of a B&B is not as consistent as the layout of a hotel can be. If you’re not open to sharing a space with other travelers, then a B&B may not be for you.
4. No 24/7 Service
Is your TV not working? Did you lose your key or lock yourself out of the room? Unfortunately, when staying at a B&B, most times the response time will be slower than that of a hotel. Conversely, when staying a hotel, issues can be resolved within a matter of minutes with a quick call down to concierge.