Behind many successful adventures, there is a playlist to thank for it. Not only is music a great way to add fun and alleviate stress, but it also sets the mood for any excursion. Whether it is to plug in those headphones and relax while souring the skies or to sing along to on a long drive, here are the best playlists for traveling:

  1. For Business Trips

Are you in need of a soundtrack to accommodate your power walk? The high-energy will give you an extra kick of motivation to prepare you for a busy day ahead of you. You will be sure to be on you “A” game while listening to these tracks.

  1. For Road Trips

The best part of a road trip is the road trip playlist. You and your friends won’t have to fight over the AUX cord with this road trip playlist. It features a compilation of songs across generations – from  Bruce Springsteen to Taylor Swift — to ensure there is something for everyone.

  1. For RedEye Flights

Overnight RedEye flights leave many exhausted when they reach their destination. Avoid the sluggish feeling by catching a quick snooze while you soar through the stars. The Piano Chill playlist is filled with soothing music that will help you rest on your next flight.

  1. For the Beach trip

A day at the beach is exponentially better when there is music involved. No matter how to listen – whether it is to plug your headphones in and relax or blast music on a speaker – this playlist will give you the warm fuzzy feelings while soaking up the sun.

  1. For your Campfire

Camping is about unplugging – good thing you brought a portable speaker. Gather around the campfire and listen to your favorite tunes. Your outdoor getaway is not complete without this campfire playlist.