Whether you’re looking for an action-packed adventure or a relaxation vacation, you should definitely keep these places in mind for traveling this year. All of these picturesque locations offer historic sites, gorgeous landscapes and thousands of seasonal celebrations that are sure to make you and your loved ones have a fun-filled and truly memorable vacation throughout 2015.


  1. Ontario, Canada (Deerhurst Resort)


Skiing, skating, sledding and sleigh rides: all the reasons the snowy slopes of Canada are an obvious choice for a winter getaway. Ontario offers unparalleled beauty from its pristine wilderness and is the perfect place for those seeking a combination of blissful relaxation and tons of outdoor adventure. Whether you’re with that someone special or looking for fun for the entire family, you are sure to find something for everyone in Ontario. Anyone would fall in love with the vast forests, secluded lakes and the plethora of snow-filled activities that will make your vacation a winter wonderland to remember!


  1. Quintana Roo, Mexico (Las Villas Akumal)


Looking for something a little sunnier? You’ll find heavenly weather and majestic Mexican Caribbean views in Quintana Roo, Mexico. It’s the perfect place to escape your daily routine as you’ll find untouched beaches and some of the most diverse and breathtaking tropical jungles in the world. So if you’re a nature lover looking for some atypical adventures, Quintana Roo is the destination for you this year. You’ll return from your vacation relaxed and most likely with a killer summer suntan!


  1. Monterey Bay, California (Seascape Beach Resort)


Nothing rings in the New Year better than an oceanfront vacation on the action-packed beaches of California. Monterey Bay not only offers access to classic boardwalk activities on the beach and fun boating escapades in the famous harbor, but it is also nestled in close proximity to some of the most energetic Northern California cities like San Francisco, Santa Cruz and Monterey. From optimal shopping opportunities to urban and seaside events, the combination of the relaxing ocean breeze and the big city atmosphere makes Monterey Bay an ideal place for travelers who like to keep their days busy and their ventures eclectic.


  1. Río Negro, Argentina (Nido del Condor Resort)


Take the crazy chaos out of this year’s travel equation and head to Rio Negro, Argentina, where fun can be found for the entire family! The Rio Negro Province boasts one of the most extensive selections of activities ranging from wine tasting to whale watching. It is home to many world-class resorts and spas where you can go to indulge in a day of leisurely relaxation while the kids can explore the area’s gorgeous beaches and parks. You’ll be sure to have stories for your newsletter especially if you catch Rio Negro’s most famous tourist attraction, the return of the southern right whales, which famously swim very close to the shore of the San Matías Gulf.


  1. Sorrento, Italy (Gran Hotel La Favorita)


Grab that someone special and revel in the romance found in Sorrento, Italy. To both first-timers and experienced travelers, Sorrento’s historical background, gorgeous landmarks and its views of the spectacular Bay of Naples will capture your heart as it radiates a classic Italian-romantic atmosphere. You and your travel buddy will have no shortage of sights to see (like the 25 miles of the famous Amalfi Coast), places to shop (on the Via San Cesareo) and attractions to visit (like the famous Cathedral of Sorrento), so if you’re in the mood for some culture and exquisite shopping opportunities this year, Sorrento is your destination as it is the crown jewel of European luxury and extravagance.


  1. Ibiza, Spain (Ibiza Rocks at Pikes Hotel)


If you are feeling revved up this year and are looking forward to socializing and throwing yourself into a totally new and legendary nightlife scene, Ibiza is absolutely the place for you. Made famous for its electronic music, renowned nightclubs and amazing island ambiance, Ibiza is the up and coming destination for partygoers and thrill-seekers. Whatever festive activity you choose to partake in, it will surely have a zealous Ibiza flavor that will create a vacation you will never forget.


  1. Paris, France (Hotel Powers)


We wouldn’t have a true destination list without including the all-time classic, Paris. With literally hundreds of events and activities to do around one of the most beautiful cities in the world, you will have endless options to consider this year. From attending plays or operas, seeing world-famous sights to tasting the delicious treats the city prepares, your Parisian vacation will only be enhanced by the cheer and love flooding France year-round.


  1. Cartagena de Indias, Colombia (Tcherassi Hotel & Spa)


For the worldly traveler looking for something new and exotic: Cartagena de Indias will ensure a stylish, refined and classy vacation. Cartagena de Indias famously fills up over the holiday season, with eager residents and tourists all contributing to an incomparable holiday atmosphere. Elites ranging from President Clinton to Vogue socialites frequent the city in the winter months partly due to its sunny, warm weather during the season and its gorgeous and glamorous citywide festive décor. If you are lucky enough to book a room for New Year’s Eve, you won’t want to miss the congregation on the streets of the city, where an impromptu all-night dinner party celebration takes place.


  1. Madrid, Spain (Hotel Opera)


Give the gift of a Spanish vacation this year. Like many other notorious cities, Madrid is renowned for its rich culture and momentous history. You’ll find markets as far as the eye can see and famous landmarks. Madrid outshines most world-famous cities and is the perfect place to take your loved ones this New Year.