The island of Curacao is one of the Caribbean’s best-kept secrets, but we don’t want to keep it a secret any longer. Curacao speaks to the curious explorer in all of us with its diverse heritage and carefree attitude. The island is best known for its 35+ enchanting beaches; but there’s plenty more to do in the charismatic city such as indulge in its unique food culture, visit new history-focused museums, and explore its historic downtown.

To experience the island in its entirety, one must stay at the most historic operational hotel in Curacao’s Willemstad, Avila Beach Hotel. Avila Beach Hotel is a luxury beachfront resort with an authentic soul. The resort mends its long-lasting presences in the charming city with its newly renovated wing.

The hotel provides a free shuttle to Downtown Willemstad, where travelers can explore the city’s alluring architecture and whimsical floating fruit market. Avila Beach Hotel guests can get the TLC they need at the luxurious Santai Spa, or by relaxing on one of the property’s two private beaches.

It is just not the beautiful beach or the comfortable hotel rooms that make the Avila Beach Hotel special, but it’s their employees. The staff works together effortlessly and to make guests feel as if they are at home while on vacation. At Avila Beach Hotel, it is the personal touch that means the most.

The Avila Beach Hotel fuses past and present to provide gets a well-rounded experience. Book your next trip to stay at Avila Beach Hotel today!