When you are planning that once in a lifetime trip to explore the world, or maybe a first visit to some dream destination, there are a lot of things to consider. You can get carried away with the itinerary and pick out just the right activities to do once you arrive, but one of the main choices is backpack or suitcase. That is, hostels or hotels. While there are several benefits to backpacking, most obviously cost savings, there are many more benefits to staying in hotels during your trip.

One of the main advantages of a hotel stay that you can’t get when backpacking is privacy. This may not seem like too much of an issue when you are planning a trip, however at the end of a long journey when you want to take a shower and get some rest, it is beneficial.  There are perks to having your own quite place to sleep and your own space when wanting time to yourself.

Hotel stays have other benefits of privacy as well, and that is the relaxing atmosphere. Being able to simply relax at the end of a busy day, have some food prepared for you and not have to worry about queues for the kitchen or bathroom can enhance your trip. It will be very nice to arrive back to your room after a busy day and take it easy. You may find more energy to take on the daily adventure of your trip when you get a relaxing time at your hotel every evening.

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Staying in hotels help with traveling light. Hotels provide toiletries, towels and so on, which compared to backpacking you have to carry toiletries on your own. Less luggage is always a good thing, especially if you are traveling alone.

Hotels have a lot of local knowledge and offer advice on the best places to visit and they best restaurants to try. This will definitely come in handy when in a new place. There also is a security benefit of hotel stays; you always have a secure room as well as a safe place to keep valuables while you are out exploring.

Hotels offer the best balance between cost and convenience available to any traveler today, whether you are looking for a relaxing week or a new adventure, you will be glad of your hotel room each night.