Packing, it is both exciting and frustrating. Exciting because it is the point your trip starts to become real, tickets and plans are one thing, putting everything into your suitcase is where the trip starts. No matter how seasoned a traveler you are, there is always excitement there. It is also frustrating though, forgetting needed items, and of course, fitting it all in are stressful at times, but here are our packing hacks for your carry-on luggage to fix those packing blues!

  • For carry-on, a backpack makes the most practical choice of luggage. It’s easier to carry as it spreads the weight better, is more streamlined when negotiating crowds and backpacks are usually lighter than equivalent standard baggage, reducing the weight you are carrying.
  • If you are taking small jewelry items with you, such as rings or earrings, use old pill case compartments or a lip balm container to store them. This makes sure to always keep pairs of earrings safe and together so you can easily check you have got everything when it’s time to repack.
  • If you are going on a short trip, taking a lot of bulky makeup bottles can be a waste as they take up a lot of space. You can avoid that by using old, cleaned out contact lens cases to decant a supply of each into. By taking just the right amount for any short trip you can leave the rest safely at home, and this way they take up no space at all.
  • Pack a Poncho! Rain Ponchos are the solution to the problem of rain on your travels. They are very lightweight, pack down to nothing and are easy to fit into your bag. Unlike an umbrella. In most weather, the poncho will be just as effective as you can find them very cheap at discount stores.

Carryon packing hack photo 1

  • Always bring an external battery pack to charge your phone. Arriving at a destination is the one time you need to have access to that phone and to ensure you can power it no matter what. From finding your way in a new place with your phone’s map to calling to see where your pickup is if you cannot find them, having your phone is essential. This is especially true if you have a long flight, it can ruin a trip to have problems and be stuck without a way to communicate or be difficult to find your way right after you land, when all you want is your hotel and some rest.
  • Speaking of your phone and electrical devices, keep them all together and neat. You can store cables for phones and tablets in old sunglass cases, which will keep the wires from tangling up.
  • If you are using just a carry-on and are putting clothes in there, always remember, roll don’t fold. It takes up much less space.