Australia is a marvelous country, the largest Island in the world and home to some unique wildlife and impressive terrain. But as with any place you travel to, there are some things you simply cannot leave Australia without experiencing, so here is our bucket list of activities that no visit to Australia is complete without.

Watch the sun set over Uluru

Also known as Ayers Rock, the massive sandstone monolith located right in the middle of Australia is steeped in Aboriginal history. It is also one of the world’s most stunning views, and the whole experience, including traveling the outback to get there, is something not to be missed. Watching the sun set over Uluru, the vivid colors and sheer majesty of it all is something no one who witnesses it for themselves ever forgets.

Scuba Dive the Great Barrier Reef

Some people may tell you that snorkeling is just as good, they are wrong. The Great Barrier Reef is the largest coral ecosystem anywhere on the planet and diving down amongst the huge variety of plants and wildlife is like nothing you could ever experience. The colors, shapes, and the sheer diversity of life found there is mind blowing, and an experience that is worth the trip to Australia all on its own.

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Drive down the Great Ocean Road

It’s 243 kilometers long, so most visitors only get to sample a piece of it. Starting out from Melbourne, it takes you along the coast, past incredible scenery like the Twelve Apostles, and past a collection of limestone stacks rising out of the surf like giants along the coast. The ultimate road trip along the ultimate coast road.

Visit Fraser Island

It’s thought of as the largest sandy island in the world with huge, beautiful beaches and iconic sights, such as the wreck of the S.S Maheno and the breathtaking Lake McKenzie. The best way to see all of this is via the tag along tours, where visitors go in convoy with a tour guide, driving their ultra-cool 4×4 to see everything that the island has to offer.

Spend time with the wildlife

Australia is home to some unique wildlife. If you take a trip to Uluru or along the beautiful coastal road, you will probably see some in the natural habitat. To get up close and personal try the Featherdale Wildlife Park in Sydney. This amazing conservation park lets you hand feed Kangaroos and get up close to the Koalas, in which the park is helping grow in numbers once again.


There are so many things to do in Australia that it was difficult to pick just a few unique experiences, but these together provide the essence of what Australia is: ancient, beautiful, majestic and exhilarating.