Christmas is historically regarded as the most wonderful time of the year, but St. Patrick’s Day is sure, if anything, a close second. What started out as a celebration of Irish Christianity has, through time, become the day the entire world turns Irish. There are parties, food and a lot of alcohol involved, usually all at once. Here are nine cities that never fall short of a good time for the holiday. And guess what? Most of them are home to L.E. Hotel properties.

Ennis, Ireland

Where better to celebrate the big day than in the nation that started it all? Those visiting this Irish city will be able to experience The Ennis St. Patrick’s Day Parade. Ennis has been touted one of Ireland’s friendliest towns and that’s the theme the city is going with this year for its community parade. Be sure to book a stay at Old Ground Hotel because you won’t want to miss anything.

Boston, Massachusetts

Can’t make it to Ireland? Look no further than Boston, a city rich in Irish history, and The Lenox Hotel. Join the people of South Boston for the St. Patrick’s Day Parade as they line the streets the Sunday following the main holiday in celebration of Saint Patrick’s and also of America’s armed forces.

Buenos Aires, Argentina

The Irish in Argentina total around half a million and the country certainly doesn’t let them miss out on their fun. Here, the day includes live music, dancing and Irish cuisine with an Argentinian spin. Reserve your room at the Urban Suites Recoleta Boutique Hotel, just three miles from the festivities, now so that you can try it all for yourself.

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

St. Patrick’s Day is undoubtedly also a day for pub crawls. Rest assured that safety is a top priority at events like Erin Express, which provides shuttles for pub-goers between locations. Stops are as close as two miles from the Penn’s View hotel for tourist convenience.

Miami, Florida

You’ll find green beer, food trucks and more at parties like St. Pat’s Wynwood in Miami. Party package deals are even available which may be a nice complement to your stay at Palmeiras Beach Club.