L.E. Hotels has partnered with Spain’s fourth largest city, Seville, to bring guests an experience of a lifetime. The global hospitality brand’s dedication to elegance and exclusive experiences is sure to provide value to Seville tourism industry.

L.E. Hotels collections are all independently owned and operated, proving a variety of services and expertise to position the city of Seville as a top destination for U.S. travelers.  L.E. Hotels offer the reach necessary to increase the viability and visibility of the destination while attracting new U.S. travelers.

L.E. Hotels’ will focus on marketing Seville’s cultural experiences, architectural and historical sites, and the region’s culinary offerings. Travelers can visit as many as three UNESCO World Heritage Sites, which offer a unique view into Spain’s ‘Golden Age.’ The Cathedral of Saint Mary, Alcázar of Seville, and the General Archive of the Indies, for example, all exhibit Moorish influences in their architecture and design. Other attractions include San Jorge Castle, The Golden Tower and Old Town Santa Cruz.

L.E. will emphasize the city’s culinary cuisine to attract tourists. In a country known for its tapas, Seville’s restaurants offer a seamless combination of traditional dishes, which have been passed down through generations, and modern cooking. With local ingredients from the region, travelers can enjoy olive oils, cheeses and fine Andalusian wines.

Utilizing flamenco dancing, the most popular form of live entertainment in Seville today, L.E. will highlight the city’s daily flamenco shows at any of the various “cafés cantantes.” Biennially, the city celebrates the prestigious Bienal del Arte Flamenco, a must-see festival for visitors and locals alike.

The partnership will validate that Seville is an attractive destination filled with centuries of rich history, and culture, while having many modern amenities. With the help of L.E. Hotels, Seville will be able to continue to expand its tourism base in the United States.