California is a great place to visit, with beautiful shores and golden beaches, stunning National Parks, and of course vibrant, distinctive cities with much to do, see and eat.  With a justified reputation for healthy eating, it is easy to find locally grown fresh fruit and vegetables in farmers markets and restaurant menus.


When looking for places to eat, focus on smaller, independent restaurants, who are more likely to feature specific cuisine. California is full of different cultures and ideas, which is reflected in the food, whether Mexican, French, Italian, Chinese, Japanese, Ethiopian, Armenian, Korean or any other nationality, it can all be found in California, often with local ingredients.


If the wide variety of cuisines overwhelms you, it might be best to stick with some of the best California has to offer, like the seafood. Local and freshly caught, the best seafood can be found in California, and none more so than South Beach Bar & Grill in San Diego. South Beach Bar & Grill claims to serve the world’s best fish tacos. The grilled Mahi Mahi tacos are something you haven’t tasted before and will blow your mind. Another favorite is Anchor Oyster Bar located in San Francisco. It’s a rare sight, but if you are an oyster lover, this is the place to try.


While some California’s restaurants won’t ruin your diet, to stay on the safe side, you can create your meals after browsing through some of the best farmers markets in the country. From Organic Fish markets to farmers markets, there is somewhere to buy it all yourself. Visit Los Angeles for some of the biggest and best farmers markets you will ever see. Whether it’s Santa Monica or West L.A., you won’t be disappointed. California is one of the biggest food producers in the country, and the selection available is sometimes staggering.


With the Californian diet full of local and organic ingredients, you will always have a variety of food at your fingertips. Make sure to add a tour of California to your travel to-do list and get ready to have a foodie-full time!