It used to be that you had to visit Paris, France and stay in one of those great hotels near the main shopping avenues such as Champs Elysee or Rue de Rivoli, to be within walking distance of the famous names of haute couture.

No longer is this true. If it is the brands behind haute couture that intrigue you, just stay at the famed Luxe Rodeo Drive Hotel, the only hotel located on Beverly Hills’ renowned “Walk of Style,” and be just steps away from some of the most famous brands of fashion that are found in Paris.

If you want to know exactly just how many steps this is, we walked it and carefully counted them, just to be sure.

Photo by TimWilson

Photo by Tim Wilson

We found that the closest fashion house to the hotel is just 10 steps away: the house of Gucci. Next closest are two, Prada and Cartier, both just 15 steps away. Chanel is a bit further, but still only 20 steps, then Dior with 45 steps and Armani with 60 steps. The furthest is Tiffany & Co., which is 100 steps away. All are well worth it…

There is much more shopping on Rodeo Drive. We just got stuck in these marvelous stores and did not measure the closeness of the other stores. Given the great Southern California weather, we would suggest for you to continue your walk, take a few added steps and soak it all in — but maybe not all in one day.

Should you become overloaded with shopping bags, or just simply “shopped out,” I am sure you will be grateful for the proximity of the Luxe Rodeo Drive Hotel, a place where you can go back to your room, kick off your stilettos and just sit quietly to marvel at your purchased “loot,” — that is, before you regain your strength to head out and give another try at browsing through another store or two.