Imagine… 45% more weekend time, 45% more in your paycheck, 45% more closet space or 45% more floor space in your own home.

Well, maybe you can’t get it all, but you can certainly find that extra 45% of space in the guestrooms and suites at the Luxe Sunset Boulevard Hotel, when “breathing space” is much needed after a tiring day on the town or spent in exhaustive back-to-back meetings.  It matters when you consider the opposite – cramped quarters with the bed taking up most of the room’’s walking space.  It also matters when you have to basically maneuver what seems to be an obstacle course, just to get to the bathroom without jamming a leg into a piece of furniture.  Room space just about trumps most everything else in terms of hotel comfort.  Any room at this hotel rivals a small apartment in square footage.

Staying at the Luxe Sunset Boulevard Hotel means that you don’t have to accept tight quarters as a fair trade-off for other hotel amenities such as abundant space, chic surroundings and superior services – think canopied beds with plush linens, vibrant color palettes and complimentary cappuccinos upon check-in.

Cozy isn’t all that it is cracked up to be. The real story when hearing cozy as a descriptor of hotel rooms, is that it means really, really small and has little to do with comfort or even ambiance.

Indeed, even the property’s smallest accommodations are approximately 45% larger than the national standard hotel room, offering more than 550 square feet of space to accommodate bulky and oversized luggage, a proper desk for business paperwork, closet room to store prizes from the day’s shopping trip or enough space to stretch out tired legs for more than one person.  The one-bedroom Luxe Suites provide even more – 800 square feet of living space.

The hotel, located where Bel Air meets Brentwood in the heart of Los Angeles, highlights space throughout its environs.  Set on seven acres, it boasts a tennis court, expansive pool area, a recently opened Sanctuary Spa, as well an indoor/outdoor ballroom space for your most lavish and special occasions.  Travelers can also spread their wings from the hotel, as its locale offers convenient proximity to the famed Getty Center, Beverly Hills and Southern California beaches.

So go ahead, stretch…