International travelers are choosing to leave their wallets at home and rely more heavily on mobile payment methods to fund their trips. Therefore, it is no surprise that Luxe Hotel properties are continuing its commitment to provide state-of-the-art technology amenities by accepting mobile payment options for its guests. Luxe Rodeo Drive Hotel and Luxe Sunset Boulevard Hotel are leading the way as the first hotel properties in Los Angeles and Beverly Hills to accept two different mobile payment services, Alipay and WeChat Pay, through a partnership with Citcon, the Silicon Valley-based cross-border mobile payment solution provider. Visitors can tap-and-go, just like that.

Alipay and WeChat Pay are more than merely mobile payment solutions; they also provide social aspects. Alipay is a lifestyle app that works with over 40 overseas financial institutions and payment solution providers to enable cross-border payments for Chinese travelers. The app helps make the world seem a bit smaller. WeChat Pay is a component of larger mobile social communication app WeChat, which allows users to share voice, photos, videos and text messages across their entire social eco-system, so users can share their experiences while traveling. Both of these applications are home to hundreds of millions active users, predominantly in China.

By accepting these forms of payment, Luxe Hotels is yet again proving itself an industry leader in customer experience. Harnessing the growth of both e-commerce and China’s outbound tourism market by providing an omnichannel payment solution will be sure to attract Chinese travelers that visit these vibrant cities.

Both Alipay and WeChat Pay will be available for guests of the Luxe Sunset Boulevard Hotel and Luxe Rodeo Drive Hotel, starting December 2017. For more information on all the amenities available at Luxe Hotels, please visit