Finally, the kids are out of school for summer, and it is time for a family vacation! It can be stressful trying to gather all the kids and make plans that everyone enjoys but look no further. There are many Travel Apps that is just right for you and your family. Here are our top three.

Yuggler – This app is a perfect way to look up family-friendly activities that are enjoyable for everyone! Activities range from free events to the most favorited attractions, no matter your location. You can look up what other families like, which activities they have done, communicate with friends to help them plan, and save money on hand-selected deals for kid activities!

Postagram – Postagram is a perfect app for sharing your fun activities and adventures while traveling with the family. Sending loving notes and photos to family back home might be difficult while traveling and dealing with the kids, but Postagram makes that quick and easy! This app turns your iPhone or Instagram photos into postcards and you can upload and mail this postcard to anyone you please. The only fee involved is the cost of the stamp.

Tripit –All your travel plans in one place; how can that be? Having an itinerary of all your confirmation emails and bookings can make your life way less stressful, especially when traveling with the kids. Instead of searching through a million emails to find the right one, Tripit converts hotel receipts, airfare, car rentals, etc. into chronological order with all that information in one place. How convenient!