Traveling for business can be stressful, not everything will go to plan, and you always seem to be rushing to make that meeting, but there are some great apps available to make things a bit easier. Here is our pick of the top five apps that can make your next business journey just a bit less of an ordeal:

1. App in the Air – This app acts as your personal flight assistant. It tracks flights and flight details to make it easy to keep a timeline of upcoming and past travels. This app also allows you to explore airports near you and their amenities so you can choose the best one, and it keeps records of every aspect of your travel, which is necessary for any trip. This personal assistant app has all you need for frequent business travelers.

2. Uber – Available in nearly every major city in the developed world, Uber takes the guesswork out of traveling to and from airports, meetings, and hotels. It saves you dealing with local currency and provides a similar process that can be a welcome comfort on a hectic trip.

3. Expensify – This is an incredibly useful app for logging travel expenses on your business trip. It can do everything you could need, from importing credit card transactions, scanning receipts and logging billable time or mileage as you go. It also simplifies the process once you are back, providing accounting departments all the information needed for reimbursement.

4. Evernote – Evernote is well known for its group sharing abilities in the office. However, it also works incredibly well as a digital assistant when traveling. Scan business cards and save them automatically as contacts, keep track of important documents and create new to-do-lists on the fly. This documentation can be quickly shared with others just like your standard Evernote data when using it at your desk.

5. Google Translate – Essential for travels, this translation app has some useful features that are invaluable when you need to understand something quickly. You can scan text in front of you, such as a road sign or instructions, and the app will quickly translate it for you. With a choice of over 50 languages offline and double that when you have an internet connection, it is the perfect tool to help you when you need it most.

While they can’t solve every problem business travel will throw at you, these apps will make the whole experience more manageable and stress-free, allowing you to focus on the important things.