Rodeo Drive, Beverly Hills – In the center of all things Hollywood and glamor, this shopping area is in the heart of Los Angeles and known for its luxury stores. This shopping region contains the best of the best (like Tiffany & Co, Prada, Louis Vuitton, Chanel and Gucci) while still having the breathtaking essence of Los Angeles sunshine. Your wallet might take a hit… but you can’t go wrong at Rodeo Drive. If you need a hotel to match this luxury lifestyle, check out Luxe Rodeo Drive Hotel to make the perfect stay.

Bond Street, London – Spend an afternoon walking down one of the oldest fashion shopping streets in the world, dating back to the 18th century. With a red phone booth on every corner, you’ll feel right at home seeing top-tier retail brands everywhere you look. Take in the beauty and history of London while stopping by Gucci to splurge a little. Right in London’s West End is our stylish boutique Euston Square Hotel, which is in the perfect location for all things London!

Avenue Montaigne, Paris – With the warm smell of fresh baguettes drifting through the air, take a morning stroll down Avenue Montaigne. This shopping street is the home of grandeur retail brands spread across the nation. Beautiful jewelers like Bulgari and Tiffany & Co are showcased – and if you don’t want to break the bank, it is just as fun to window shop and dream of what can be! Make sure to stay close to the beautiful shopping streets of Paris by staying at Hotel Powers, a Luxe Collection by L.E. Hotels property.

Via Monte Napoleone, Milan – This expensive shopping street is in one of the world’s most fashionable cities in the world– Milan. Via Monte Napoleone is famous for any and every retail, jeweler, and shoe brand known to man – if you want to make it, your brand must be represented on this street. Don’t miss the opportunity to live lavishly for a day while staying at Hotel Manzoni, a luxury boutique hotel in Milan, to complete the whole experience.

Michigan Avenue, Chicago – If you like deep-dish pizza and shopping, this is the place to be. This massive indoor shopping center holds everything from major department stores to local boutiques. Michigan Avenue ranges from couture collections, new and upcoming technology, top-notch food and amenities, and so much more. Spend a day to explore the Magnificent Mile, while staying at The Herrington Inn & Spa.