Some much-needed travel items are essential to make your trip. Whether you’re traveling 15 hours to an exotic location or five hours across the country to a sunny coastal city, these travel essentials are a necessity to complete your adventure.


Headphones and a fantastic playlist

Those long plane rides and train rides can’t get any slower, but with a travel playlist to listen to with headphones, you’ll be able to sit back, relax, and enjoy the ride.



Traveling is all about exploring, which also means, walking a lot! Make sure to pack comfortable shoes for navigating through a new city. It can make all the difference!


Toiletries and medication

Most people might think “Oh, I will just buy toiletries there,” which never ends up being the case. You might not be able to find what you need in foreign pharmacies. It’s best to pack the toiletries you need so, you aren’t empty-handed.


Camera/Go Pro

The memories you make traveling will last forever, especially when captured on camera. Don’t miss out on catching the most incredible experiences of your trip by forgetting a camera or recording device. GoPro’s make for the best travel videos that you can share on Facebook to make all your family and friends jealous!


A Trusty Journal

Yes, this might seem a little outdated, but a travel journal will never steer you wrong. A well-kept journal about your vacation and whereabouts will be sure to help you remember your trip.


Carry Cash

You never know what can happen while traveling. Keep an extra 50 euros or dollars in that secret spot in your wallet just in case of emergencies. It might save your life! It’s also a great idea to keep a copy of your passport in your suitcase, just in case.



Wherever you go, your trip ends up being made by where you stay. Making sure that your hotel is the best fit is extremely important, especially as a good night’s sleep is vital to continuing to enjoy a fantastic vacation. To ensure that you pick the best place, check out while planning your next trip. Located in over 18 countries, L.E. Hotels is sure to have the hotel for you.